Thursday, September 1, 2011

R4TC: 2010 Ride for the Cure at Cahuilla Motocross Park

I haven't hit the track much in 2010, but knowing that the 4th Annual Motocross Ride for the Cure Event was coming, I dusted off the KTM, dropped it off at Malcolm Motorsports for some fine tuning, hit Milestone Motocross Track for a handful of warm ups and I was ready to enjoy the funnest event of the year hosted by motocross enthusiast herself, Laurie Carey, who is constantly raising the bar for fundraising, support, education and interaction for Breast Cancer Awareness!

The morning started off amazing, perfect day to moto! The sky's were bright blue and littered with dark fluffy rain clouds! Dropping rain in perfect track watering patterns, the day was in full swing and the pits were packed! Tons of Factory support lined up for the event, they even had a never ending Freestyle show in the works! Mike Metzger, the God Father of FMX was doing his thing and dozens of other talented riders busting out tricks for the fans.

I pretty much settled into a pack rat of MXGirls, WMA Pro Rider Elizabeth Bash, Race Techs Michelle Marshall, and Mission Motorsports Brooklyn McClendon. We had a blast mixing it up on the main and vet tracks, sporting our decorated "Ride for the Cure" Bra's and having a blast spinning laps, saving boobies!

In the end I was amazed at the growth this event has accumulated over the years, by far the most impressive outcome I've seen. I'm looking forward to next year's event, but more importantly, it's touching to see all the work Laurie Carey puts into the Support and Awareness of Breast Cancer.

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