Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Endurocross Redux

There has been a lot of comment, talk, buzz, texting, and Tweeting about Endurocrosss (EnduroX) at ESPN?s recent X Games 17 in Los Angeles. EnduroX was new to X Games. And not only was there a ?normal? Endurocross, there was a Women?s race added as well.

And as far as we can tell, it was a huge success. We were there! (You can see coverage of X Games Day 4, which highlighted both Men?s and Women?s EnduroX, here.)

Since there has been so much buzz regarding Endurocross, we decided to ?redux? it.

First, let?s go back a bit. Remember the feature we did on Eric Peronnard? (It?s here for you to read.) Eric is the primary force behind Endurocross. Eric, among other things, invented the US Open of Supercross in Las Vegas. Mini Moto SX (Supercross), and Endurocross.

We asked Eric about Endurocross and specifically EnduroX at ESPN?s X Games 2011.

How did EnduroX happen come about?


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